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Pro-Click 1000 x2

Pro-Click is Patent Pending.

The Pro-Click 1000 is a brand new training aid that fits easily onto the contact area of your dog walk.

When your dog steps or runs on the Pro-Click 1000 a mechanical click will sound meaning all you need to do is reward your dog.

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The Pro-Click 1000 is incredibly versatile. It was designed with running contacts in mind as because you hear the click, the handler can run without having to watch their dog’s feet.

The traditional process of teaching running contacts can be long and difficult. With this new training aid, this is much easier even for those who many not have their own equipment. With the Pro-Click 1000, it is possible to start on your living room floor, or take it to your dog club and use it on a full height dog walk. For the dog, the criteria remains the same!

Achieving 'up' contacts can be difficult without losing speed. With this method, the dog can adjust his stride easily while running onto the dog walk, and will have complete understanding thanks to the precision and feel of the click.

The benefits of the Pro-Click 1000 are its precision and reliability. Your dog is more likely to learn fast and reliable contacts because when the dog hears the click he also FEELS that he activated the Pro-Click 1000 and therefore knows the reward is coming. All you need to do is reward your dog.

The Pro-Click 1000 is suitable for all sizes of dogs and fits all standard size dog walks. It has a non-slip rubber surface and is secured by a strap so that it will not move once in position. Some dog walks may need added support underneath.

  • Are you an agility trainer?

    The Pro-Click 1000 is ideal for handlers who have limited clicker training skills.

  • Are you or your dog new to agility?

    The Pro-Click 1000 teaches ideal contact behaviors to dogs with little experience due to the perfectly timed click. It is also easy for new handlers to use as it gives them one less thing to think about.

  • Can your competing and experienced dogs benefit from the Pro-Click 1000 too?

    Experienced and competing dogs can use the Pro-Click 1000 to refresh their dog walk contacts. The handler and dog get immediate feedback in an easy and clear way.

  • Does your dog miss its “up” contacts?

    By placing the Pro-Click 1000 on the “up” contact it will firstly help regulate how many “ups” your dog is getting, but also help teach the dog to make the effort to adjust their stride so that they will get that “up” contact.

  • Are you striving for independent contacts ?

    The Pro-Click 1000 allows for total independence across the contact equipment meaning that even if you are behind your dog, the equipment will still be completed quickly and reliably. The beauty of the click is that the dog knows that the behavior they have done is correct and they then wait for their reward to come. This can turn your good performance into a great one.

  • Are you a disabled handler?

    Handlers who are limited in movement and speed would be able to see great improvement thanks to some basic clicker training and the Pro-Click 1000. The Pro-Click 1000 allows for independent and distant contacts meaning your dog can have more freedom whilst you achieve more lateral distance. It also means that you can teach your contacts without a second person or assistant.

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